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Volume Weight :

Length x Width x Height / 5000 = Volumetric weight

Units of Measure:
Height : cm
Width : cm
Length : cm
  Volumetric Weight : kg

Dimensional weight is also known as DIM Weight, Volumetric weight, Cubed Weight, etc. Freight carriers utilize the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight to calculate shipping charges. Dimensional Weight is calculated as (Length x Width x Height) / (Dimensional Factor). Measurements can be made all in inches or all in centimeters, but the appropriate shipping factor must also be used.

AIR FREIGHT VOLUMETRIC CLACULATION : All freight transportation modes are governed by weight and cubic measurement factors, whereby the Carrier will charge on Actual Weight or Volumetric, whichever is deemed to be the greater.
The IATA / Airline Cubic Allowance Factor for Air Freight Shipments is
1 Kilo = 6,000 Cubic Centimetres.

The illustration below shows you how to calculate the Volumetric Chargeable Weight as follows :
• Let’s assume the actual gross weight of this carton is 14 Kilos.
• The carton measures 30 × 45 × 65cms which is 87750 Cubic Centimeters.
• Divide this figure by the IATA/Airline Cubic Allowance Factor of 6000 Cubic Centimeters = 14.625 Kilos.
• In this instance the Air Freight charge will be based on 15 Kilos volumetric, rather than the 14 kilos actual weight.