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Training & Development :
Our Training and Development activity is aimed at enhancing the performance of individuals and groups in an organizational setting. It focuses on employee development, skills development and learning.

We invest in Our People
Meeting the increased demand for logistics services creates tremendous challenges - as well as a highly stimulating work environment. You'll have opportunities to explore new directions within the company, travel, live and work around the country and apply your skills across the full spectrum of the Project Logistics business - across all Industry sector and you'll be supported by some of the most talented people.

At Exim puts people at the center of everything we do - from protecting the health & safety of people to providing an environment which will help you succeed. No matter where you are on your career path, Exim offers continued education and training to help you cultivate your skills and expand your career within a truly international and collaborative workplace.

Exim training and development programs begin on your first day and continue throughout your career.
New to Exim Process - Need basis training & development process is designed to help you develop the confidence and mindset to pursue continuous improvement in your performance and development. Provides on-the-job training, a support network and an introduction to our company, our business and our values.

Performance Management Process (PMP)
Set goals for your professional development that aligns with achieving your work unit's business objectives.

On-the-job training
Helps you build the knowledge, skills and attributes you'll need to remain competitive.

Employee Development Program
A one year training program designed to help recent graduates and new hires to develop and hone the skills learned in university through challenging assignments in various locations, mentoring and formal classroom instruction as well as practical field training to build technical and interpersonal skills.