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Sea Freight Forwarding

Exim Logistics Pvt. Ltd. comprehensive ocean freight program reaches major world markets with an emphasis on the traffic lanes connecting North America to Asia and Europe. The company has International Freight Services includes International Freight Forwarding and Air Freight Forwarding contracts with more than a dozen ocean carriers for trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic services. This provides the clients with significant savings on landed costs, and options to choose from a large pool of weekly sailing sea carriers. Exim Logistics Pvt. Ltd. offers just what you need - competitive rates, a choice of transit times and scheduled sailing options, with a full range of value-added services.

Service Highlights
Full-container-load (FCL)
Less-than-container-load (LCL)
Dry or liquid bulk shipments
Full or partial vessel charters, including refrigerated service or on-board cranes to handle heavy shipments to smaller ports
Physical cargo and paper-consolidation programs to importers and exporters who purchase from multiple vendors

Our standard sea freight services can be tailored to suit every requirement. Various options include the following:
Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR)
Temperature Controlled Transportation
Cargo Insurance
Letter of Credit Processing (LC)
Certification and Legalisation of Documents
Food and Drug Administration Filing (FDA)
Advanced Cargo Information Filing (ACI)

Customer Benefits
Complete schedule flexibility
Defined transit time statement
Preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to authorities
Full shipment tracking visibility
Exim Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Trade Network customizes cargo management service programs that provide visibility of cargo and the most cost-effective usage of ocean container space.